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Cat’s Freedom means I get to come and go, in or out, as I please. I stand at the door when I want the Big Owner to let me out (it’s why I have this ‘house-servant’). We have a routine going: He opens it just enough for me to quickly slither through and slams the door shut just behind me. But when it’s really hot outside, he takes great delight in opening the door and watching me make my move and then screech to a halt when I get that first blast of intensely hot air blowing through my whiskers. All of a sudden, I am twisting and contorting my body, bumping my head into the door as I change course 180-degees and head back inside where it’s cool. Cat- astrophe avoided. Lately I’ve learned to shift gears on my kitty toes and back straight up the way I tried to step out. It’s like a cat ballet. I did not know it could get as hot as it did this past month. Humans are calling it “the hottest month in the history of the planet.” (continued)
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